Szymon Kudrański sinks his teeth into ‘Blood Commandment’

The four-issue miniseries kicks off in November.

Something Epic creator Szymon Kudrański will take a brief break from the series for a few months as he focuses his efforts on a miniseries about survival and vampires.

Like he’s done with Something Epic, Kudrański will write and draw Blood Commandment, the story of a father and son living in isolation in a shadowed valley surrounded by mountains and a thick forest, who are terrorized by a “dangerous supernatural presence.”

“It’s a story about the relationship between a father and his growing up son, facing a danger that threatens their lives,” said Kudrański. “Living far away from civilization in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thick forests and mountains, they’re trying to survive the attack of a vampire. In such an isolated place, you can’t count on help from outside, it’s either fight or… run.”

Here are more details from Image Comics:

Being a single father can be tough, but for Ezra Connolly, it’s a duty he doesn’t take lightly. Living off-grid, away from prying eyes, in the heart of forest country, he spends his days teaching his teenage son Wil survival skills. But Wil has questions, questions Ezra fears to answer—about his past, and about why they never leave the valley before sundown…

“I tried to return to the most classical rules of vampires and reinvent them a bit, where their origin lies in the bearing of a damned soul, instead of a ‘monster’ that just acts as a killing machine,” said Kudrański. “Which removes the drama of the vampire character. Staying within the framework of faith and God, it deepens the tragedies of these characters. The first arc of Something Epic ends in November, the second arc starts in March. Blood Commandment is a great story for someone who is following and waiting for my solo work as a creator, writer and illustrator. I assure my readers that they will experience a lot of emotions while reading it!”

Like he did with Something Epic, Kudrański is providing all the variant covers for the first issue himself, and they draw from pop culture:

And here’s a look at some of his interior pages:

Look for the first issue on the day after Halloween — Nov. 1.

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