Rev it up to save the world in ‘Petrol Head’ this fall

Rob Williams and Pye Parr hit the road on a new series at Image Comics.

Rob Williams and Pye Parr of 2000AD fame will bring a new post-apocalyptic series to Image this fall, as they prepare to start their engines on the car-themed Petrol Head this November.

The series will feature a hot-rod racing robot and 12-year-old girl who may be the only chance to save humanity.

Petrol Head is that rare thing in comics—art that feels like it’s actually moving on the page,” said Williams. “Pye’s racing sequences have this kinetic, Akira-like energy and he draws the best robots, and cars, and robots driving cars. We both come from a 2000AD background and we wanted to bring that same punky, funny edge to what is basically a heartfelt story about one smart little girl who may just be able to save the whole human race from a climate emergency, but she has to team up with a grumpy, obsolete hotrod-racing robot to do it.”

Here’s a look at the trailer:

And here are more details on the title from Image Comics:

In a climate crisis-ravaged future metropolis, an old, grumpy, obsolete, smoke-belching, cigar-chomping, hotrod-racing robot is one 12-year-old girl’s only hope. Together, can they outrace the chasing Robo-Cops with an invention that might just save humanity? Readers will jump straight into the non-human race with this robo-gorgeous launch issue featuring 42 story pages.

The first issue will come in your choice of covers by Parr, as well as one by Laurence Campbell:

And finally, here’s a look at some of Parr’s interior work:

“I love fast cars, big robots and cute, wise-cracking bluetits with concealed lasers, so Petrol Head is the exactly the kind of comic I’ve wanted to draw since I was about 10,” Parr said. “But what elevates it beyond just squealing tyres and engine noise is its heart. It’s fun, its fast, and there’s big explosions… but there’s also characters you’ll care about, and who (eventually) care about each other. And that’s all Rob. I hope everyone gets as much pleasure reading this as I did drawing it.”

The first issue rolls into town on Nov. 8.

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