Simonson and Brigman return to ‘Power Pack’ next year

‘Power Pack: Into the Storm’ will launch in January.

Louise Simonson and June Brigman, the creators of Marvel’s Power Pack, will return to the characters for a story set during their original run in Power Pack: Into the Storm.

The five-issue miniseries celebrates the team’s 40th anniversary and feature appearances by the Snarks, the Brood, Franklin Richards and the X-Men’s Storm.

“It’s funny how easy it is to slip back into Power Pack!” Simonson shared. “This story explores the looming question: Should Power Pack tell their parents about their powers? I loved hinting at Franklin’s nascent abilities, one blocked by his parents, but too powerful for even them to contain completely.”

Here are the details on the new miniseries from

Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power are super hero siblings determined to do their part to protect the world despite their young age. The problem is that their parents don’t want them to have powers—and can’t find out that they do! But when their friend Franklin Richards has a premonition of a galactic threat hurtling their way, the Power siblings will have to decide what kind of heroes they want to be—and what they’re willing to give up along the way!

Simonson and Brigman launched Power Pack in 1984, introducing the Power four siblings — Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie — who gained super powers after an encounter with two warring alien races, the Kymellians and the Snarks. The original series ran for 62 issues and featured appearances by the X-Men, Beta Ray Bill, Cloak and Dagger, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, among others. The characters have popped up here and there ever since, with Ryan North and Nico Leon creating a new miniseries featuring the siblings in 2020.

“Loved introducing a couple of Snark princesses—good and tragic—and delving a bit deeper into Snark culture,” Simonson said about the new miniseries. “And I loved writing Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie one more time. The X-Man Storm, who shares this adventure, also added to the fun. And, of course, June Brigman’s art is evocative and lovely.”

Look for the first issue on Jan. 24.

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