Xenomorphs are out for the red stuff in ‘Alien: Black, White & Blood’

The anthology miniseries featuring three-color stories kicks off in February.

Having laid havoc on the Marvel and Star Wars universes, the Black, White & Blood anthology makes a detour into the Alien universe. Marvel announces Alien: Black, White & Blood, a four-issue, three-color miniseries that begins in February.

Here’s what you’ll find in the first issue:

cover by Ryan Stegman

–The writing team of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Michael Dowling kick off “Utopia,” a generations-spanning saga that will be told across all four issues. Soaring through space to find a perfect world, a society descends into darkness as they’re shaped by their fear of the Xenomorphs.

–Ryan Cady and Devmalya Pramanik explore the limits of compassion in “Maternal Instincts.” On a deep space vessel, a small child is the sole survivor of a Xenomorph slaughter and her only hope for salvation is the ship’s comforting and guiding AI computer unit. 

–Stephanie Phillips and Marcelo Ferreira deliver a tale of guts, glory and the most exhilarating of games in “The Hunt.” Xenomorphs become the main attraction when Weyland-Yutani gives wealthy thrill-seekers a chance to hunt down the galaxy’s deadliest species.

Look for the first issue on Feb. 7.

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