Night Thrasher ollies, kickflips and noseslides his way into a new miniseries

The former leader of the New Warriors returns in a new miniseries by J. Holtham and Nelson Dániel.

Night Thrasher, the skateboard-riding rich kid who took to superheroing after the death of his parents, will return in a new miniseries next year by J. Holtham and Nelson Dániel.

The new series will give the founder of the New Warriors a new look and a new archenemy, while rekindling his relationship with fellow New Warrior member Silhouette.

Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in the pages of Thor before jumping into the New Warriors series by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley, the character is one of many that epitomizes that early 1990s era of comics. While it appeared he died during Civil War in the battle that kicked off the event, he was actually saved by The Collector, as revealed in Contest of Champions a few years back.

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Rodríguez + Adams re-imagine ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’

Announced at WonderCon, IDW will release the story in two parts, starting in July.

For a while now artist Gabriel Rodríguez has been teasing his next project, and at this weekend’s WonderCon IDW announced what it is — a new take on The Island of Dr. Moreau written by IDW founder Ted Adams.

According to the press release, Adams and Rodríguez will present “an all-new interpretation” of the H.G. Wells classic, replacing the protagonist with a female lead. They’ll be joined by colorist Nelson Dániel and letterer Robbie Robbins on the two-part series.

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Inktober spotlight: Nelson Daniel feels the force

The ‘Clue’ artist celebrates Inktober by tackling Star Wars and other pop culture drawings.

October is Inktober, an art challenge where artists from all over the world create a different ink drawing every day of the month. While the official Inktober site provides a list of “prompts” to help inspire artists, many of them choose their own themes.

With many comic artists participating this year — you can find a lot of them on Twitter or Tumblr using the #inktober hashtag, and we’ve been posting a bunch on our own Tumblr — we thought we’d spotlight a few of the “can’t miss” ones we’ve seen so far.

Nelson Daniel is the artist of IDW’s Clue, and has also worked on titles like The Cape, Judge Dredd and Dungeons & Dragons. For Inktober, he started out with several Star Wars pieces, but has since turned to other areas of pop culture, with drawings of the Iron Giant, Gorillaz, Thundercats and The Fifth Element. Check out his Tumblr and Twitter feeds to see more.

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IDW and Hasbro bring ‘Clue’ to comics

Paul Allor and Nelson Dániel team for an “at times completely bonkers” five-issue miniseries based on the board game.

IDW’s partnership with Hasbro has brought everything from My Little Pony to Transformers to ROM and Micronauts to the publisher, and now that line of books is getting a Clue. A five-issue miniseries based on the iconic board game will debut in June.

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