‘Spider-Punk’ returns for an encore performance in February

Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason return for more adventures starring Hobie Brown.

Marvel is getting the band back together for another Spider-Punk miniseries, by the reunited Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason. They worked on the previous miniseries starring Hobie Brown, which came out last year.

“Y’all, it feels so friggin’ cool to dive back into Earth-138 with Justin and explore the world of Hobie and the Spider-band even more!” Ziglar said. “There’s some new additions to the Spider-Punk roster, some real dope villains, and some other cool stuff I don’t wanna spoil… but absolutely cannot wait for folks! And yes, there’ll 100% be a Spider-Punk Playlist Vol. 2!”

Here are the details from Marvel.com:

In a world without Norman Osborn, Spider-Punk reigns! This ain’t no victory lap though—as Hobie Brown and team try to rebuild society, Justin Hammer & Doctor Otto Octavius have other plans… like introducing the world to the Spider-Slaying Sentinels!

Look for the first issue of four in February.

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