Oni’s first NacelleVerse miniseries, ‘RoboForce,’ will debut in April

Melissa Flores and Diogenes Neves will bring the toy line to the printed page in a new miniseries.

Oni Press has revealed more details about RoboForce, the first miniseries spinning out of their NacelleVerse #0 one-shot that arrives in March.

Melissa Flores and Diogenes Neves, both of whom are working on the one-shot, will helm the RoboForce miniseries as well. It’s based on the Robo Force toyline from the 1980s, which was revived by Toyfinity about 10 years ago. Nacelle purchased the rights to make toys, comics and a new animated program from Toyfinity in 2021.

“We’re going on a heist! Working with Nacelle and Oni Press to create an original prequel to the RoboForce animated series in comic form has been an incredible adventure,” Flores said. “This miniseries will dive deeper into Maxx 89 and Detonator’s complicated relationship, showing us their true motivations and state of mind as they figure out their place in futuristic Chicago. It will be an action-packed three issues that will complement the upcoming animated series perfectly. You won’t want to miss it!” 

Roboforce #1 cover by Dustin Weaver

Here are more details on the story:

Meet Maxx 89, the latest and greatest innovation in the field of robotics! As a member of RoboForce–the crew of highly advanced androids redefining technological advancement on 22nd-century Earth–there’s no job too big for him to handle. But when a rival company steals their creator’s newest invention in a brazen act of corporate warfare, Maxx and the high-powered Detonator are determined to get it back . . . even if it means breaking company protocol!

The first issue will come with several variant covers by Dustin Weaver, Marco D’Alfonso and Rhoald Marcellius, as well as a “toy variant”:

Look for the first issue on April 17.

One thought on “Oni’s first NacelleVerse miniseries, ‘RoboForce,’ will debut in April”

  1. Ah, finally! RoboForce is going to be a thing! I can’t wait to see how the NacelleVerse expands into the world of action-packed mecha adventures. The initial teasers look promising, and I’m eager to dive into the story and see what this talented team of creators has cooked up. Bring on April!

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