Jeff Lemire + BOOM! tease something new for this fall

“… as both a comics fan and a creator, I have been craving longer format stories again.”

BOOM! Studios has announced that Jeff Lemire, creator of Sweet Tooth, Essex County, Fishflies, The Nobody and many other comics and graphic novels, will launch a new ongoing series at the publisher this fall.

Lemire will both write and draw the new title. No title or artwork was shared, beyond the “Eye of Providence” sketch shown above.

“For a while now I have felt like the ‘ongoing series’ in comics is a dying breed,” Lemire said. “I’m guilty of this myself, having put out a lot of shorter projects over the last several years. But as both a comics fan and a creator, I have been craving longer format stories again. Series like the classic Vertigo monthlies that would drive me to the comic shops every week when I was younger.”

Jeff Lemire

Lemire is no stranger to long, ongoing series. In addition to Sweet Tooth, he also has written and spearheaded projects like the Black Hammer universe at Dark Horse and The Bone Orchard Mythos at Image Comics, a series of miniseries and graphic novels with artist Andrea Sorrentino. Image just recently released the cover and a couple of teaser images for Starseed, an original graphic novel set in the Bone Orchard Mythos universe that comes out in October:

Lemire’s never one to slow down, it seems. he said this new project at BOOM! will be “my longest self-drawn book since I finished Sweet Tooth 10 years ago.”

” I’ll be writing and drawing the book myself, and I am very excited to make this my first project with BOOM!” Lemire said. “As a publisher, they are committed to telling this entire, long-form story that will allow me, readers, and retailers a chance to really invest in a new world, and new characters, knowing new chapters will be published every month with a real long-term plan in mind. I can’t wait to share more details in the coming months. But for now, back to the drawing board!”

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