Erica Schultz + Michael Dowling pit Elektra against Crossbones in ‘Daredevil: Woman Without Fear’

The four-issue miniseries kicks off in July.

Elektra Natchios will once again headline her own miniseries in Daredevil: Woman Without Fear by Erica Schultz and Michael Dowling, which kicks off in July.

The four-issue miniseries will see the assassin- turned-superhero head out on a quest that will take her to Madripoor and put her in the crosshairs of Crossbones, the new Punisher and more.

“To say that I am excited about writing Daredevil again is an understatement,” Schultz said. “I love the mantle of Daredevil, but I really love Elektra as Daredevil. Having written both Matt and Elektra wearing the red DD, I kind of lean toward the latter now!”

The story spins out of Daredevil #11 (cover below), which also comes out in July and finds the two Daredevils once again battling their old foes Kingpin and Bullseye.

After the stunning events of DAREDEVIL #11, Daredevil’s allies are left more vulnerable than ever before. If they’re able to survive, it will fall to Elektra and Matt Murdock to not only save their city as Daredevil, but also protect the people they love the most as they’re targeted by some of the most dangerous, violent elements the Marvel Universe has to offer!

Daredevil #11 comes out July 10, while Daredevil: Woman Without Fear follows soon after on July 17.

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