Victor Santos’ ‘Ginger’s Revenge’ is now available from Panel Syndicate

Pay what you’d like for a tale of teenage retribution.

It seems like new releases from Panel Syndicate, the digital comics imprint that first brought us The Private Eye, Barriers and Friday, have slowed down in recent months, so I was happy to get an email announcing a new title on their site — Ginger’s Revenge by Victor Santos.

Like all of Panel Syndicate’s release, Ginger’s Revenge is a “pay what you’d like” title, which you can then download as a PDF, CBR or CBZ file. It’s available both in English and Spanish.

And while many of the site’s titles are ongoing series, this is a complete story about one girl’s quest for retribution. It also includes a sketchbook section at the end, showcasing Santos’ process artwork.

Santos previously syndicated the story on Substack under the title Ginger Revenges, “a deliberate orthographic mistake” according to the creator, but he decided it was too strange and corrected the mistake.

Here’s the full description:

Ginger Lewis’ mother has passed away after a long illness. When Ginger was only a baby, she and her mother were abandoned by her father, a low-life thug called Dennis Russell. Russell is now a successful crime lord and he is married again, but he never helped his former family. And Ginger blames him for her mom’s death.

Dennis Russell is going to discover that nothing is more dangerous than the rage of a teenage girl.

And here’s a look inside:

Head over to Panel Syndicate to buy your copy.

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