Mad Cave Studios launches their 2024 Talent Search

Entries are due by the end of August.

Mad Cave Studios has announced their 2024 Talent Search, which they’ve conducted for the past seven years. Previous winners have gone on to work with Mad Cave and other publishers, including Anthony Cleveland, Jay Sandlin, David Hazan, Shane Connery Volk and many more.

The type of talent they’re looking for changes every year; up until 2022, they were looking for writers and artists, but that year they expanded it to include colorists and letterers. This year they are doubling the number of winners in each category, as they are looking for two writers, two illustrators, two colorists and two letterers to work on upcoming projects.

Per the press release, “this search is specifically for underrepresented talent with a unique voice that has never worked with or been distributed by a major publisher.” They’re also only accepting submissions based on the following Mad Cave properties:

Submissions are due before the end of August. For complete details, visit the Mad Cave Talent Search info page and submission form.

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