Jeff Lemire conjures ‘Minor Arcana’ at BOOM! Studios

The new series will be written, drawn and colored by Lemire, and it launches in September.

Jeff Lemire has revealed his new project with BOOM! Studios that was teased back in April — Minor Arcana, an ongoing series that he will write, illustrate and color.

The series is about the daughter of a small-town “psychic” who returns tp town to take care of her ailing mother — only to disocver that unlike mom, she may have actual psychic powers.

“If Black Hammer was my love letter to the superhero comics I grew up reading then Minor Arcana is my love letter to the classic Vertigo comics of my teenaged years, but all filtered through my own style,” Lemire said in his newsletter. “I really want to get back to doing a true ongoing series that focuses on the importance of single issues again.”

Lemire said the story will draw from the Tarot, and that characters in the small town will mirror archetypes and characters from the deck. Lemire will draw his own Tarot deck to accompany the series, with those illustrations also serving as variant covers. Here’s the first one:

Minor Arcana has become my dream project. Combining small town life with magical realism and supernatural mystery it lets me stretch my wings and play with all the different kinds of characters and stories I’ve loved working on since Essex County and Sweet Tooth,” Lemire continued. “Writing and drawing the book myself has allowed me to make it an immersive read that I hope will hook you all as much as it’s hooked me. “

Here’s a look at some of the interior art for the first issue:

“I have big plans for the series, having already completed full color artwork for the first arc, and tightly plotted the overall series through the first 22 issues,” Lemire said. Look for the first issue to arrive on store shelves in September.

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