Starks + Kowalski hunt for serial killers in ‘Where Monsters Lie’

Enter the very deadly Wilmhurst Gated Community next February.

Kyle Starks and Piotr Kowalski will pull back the curtain on the life and times of serial killers in Where Monsters Lie, a new miniseries coming from Dark Horse Comics.

The duo will be joined by colorist Vladimir Popov and letterer Josh Reed for the story, which is set at the Wilmhurst Gated Community — which caters to all sorts of killers, murderers and monsters.

“Piotr and I are so thrilled that word is finally out about Where Monsters Lie,” Starks told The Daily Dead. “We’re extremely excited about this series and for everyone to meet the twisted, terrible monsters of the Wilmhurst Gated Community and what happens when a survivor to their nightmarish murder sprees shows up ready for revenge.  Anyone who has ever loved a slasher movie or wanted to see their favorite horror monsters team up are going to love this one!”

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