Mad Cave delves into the ‘Underworld’ as they launch a shared universe helmed by Mark London

The first title, ‘Revolution 9,’ arrives in September.

Mad Cave Studios CEO Mark London has written several titles for the fledgling publisher over the years, including Battlecats, Hunt.Kill.Repeat. and Honor & Curse. Now he’s teaming up with several different artists to launch a new shared universe called “Underworld.”

London will write three new miniseries this fall: Revolution 9, which debuts in September, followed by Hour of the Wolf in October and Exit City in November. Each interconnected, four-issue miniseries will lead into Endless Night, a crossover event set to launch in 2025.

“The Underworld line is an homage to Mad Cave Studios’ humble beginnings,” London said. “Ten years ago, I remember pouring my soul into creating IPs that would kick-start our little publisher—everything from assassins to detectives, hunters to slayers, all going against impossible odds. I’m excited to build toward the Endless Night crossover, a grand design that will push the boundaries of this universe, taking readers on an unforgettable journey through darkness and redemption.”

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Gail Simone + Eddy Barrows promise a ‘huge in scope and fun as hell’ Superman story this summer

The duo revisit Superman’s early years as he battles an alien threat starting in ‘Action Comics’ #1067.

After making room for the House of Brainiac crossover, Action Comics will return to its Superman Superstars initiative and a cast of rotating creative teams in July. Action Comics #1067 will kick off a new story by Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows set at the beginning of Superman’s career titled “Superman and the Challenge from the Stars.”

The storyline will run for three issues, and features a massively powerful alien race making Earth their arena. Danny Miki, Rex Lokus and Dave Sharpe round out the creative team.

“I love the classic Superman cast, and this story is deliberately meant to echo my all-time favorite Superman time period,” Simone said. “We didn’t want to tell a quiet story of Superman in a diner; we wanted to have a massive threat, a war taking place all over the world, and only Superman could possibly protect his adopted planet. It is unapologetically huge in scope and fun as hell, with one of the best art teams I’ve ever worked with…Eddy Barrows, Danny Miki, and Rex Lokus on colors!”

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Fawkes + Fuso impose a ‘Sanction’ on Mad Cave Studios

Set in the USSR in 1987, the crime story will see two detectives discover a body on New Year’s Day.

Ray Fawkes of In the Flood and Justice League Dark fame will team with Wyrd artist Antonio Fuso for Sanction, a new Soviet-era crime story coming from Mad Cave Studios in May.

They are joined by Dave Sharpe on colors and letterer Emilio Lecce on the project, which Fawkes said is “the gritty, high-impact, never-seen-this-before crime book I’ve always wanted to write.”

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AfterShock Comics plots a course to ‘Silver City’ this May

Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, Luca Merli and Dave Sharpe head into the afterlife in this new supernatural series.

Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and Luca Merli will head to Silver City in May, in a new miniseries from Aftershock Comics. They’ll be joined on their journey by letterer Dave Sharpe.

Silver City is about a troubled young woman’s posthumous quest to figure out who she is in a strange, purgatorial city, and in so doing, seize her destiny,” Cuartero-Briggs said. “I am so excited for readers to finally get to read this story for several reasons. It’s a really fun exploration into the greater meaning of life, what happens after we die, and even a bit of what happens after that. These first five books are an introduction into an entirely new world, one that I had the time of my life building, and I can’t wait to share it.”

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