Duggan + Brown team for ‘Falling in Love on the Path to Hell’ at Image Comics

A gunslinger and a samurai walk into purgatory …

If you’re wondering what Gerry Duggan will be up to once his run on X-Men ends, never fear — he’s teaming up with artist Garry Brown for an ambitious creator-owned series at Image Comics.

Falling in Love on the Path to Hell will start at the end for the two main characters — an Onna-musha warrior and an Old West gunslinger. After being mortally wounded on different continents, the pair “awake together in a purgatory ruled by a ruthless, nightmarish society of damned warriors.”

“We’re inspired by samurai films, grindhouse, westerns, Tarantino, Lone Wolf & Cub and of course all our favorite weird, supernatural comic books,” said Duggan. “This romance is our love letter to creator-owned comics—it’s a story we can only tell at Image Comics.”

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Gerry Duggan launches ‘The Ginormous Kokjü’ on Substack

The prolific comics writer adds a paid tier to his newsletter and launches a new comic with Scott Koblish.

X-Men and Invincible Iron Man writer Gerry Duggan has joined the numerous other creators on Substack who are offering a paid tier for access to comics. Duggan, along with artist Scott Koblish, created The Ginormous Kokjü, a new comic that only paid subscribers to his newsletter will receive, at least for now.

“I’ve always made time for creator-owned comics and I’ve been working pretty diligently on some secret projects that are now ready to bring into the world,” Duggan said in a post on his newsletter. “The pandemic changed so many things, some projects slowed down, others had more velocity. What’s changed for me is far less travel to comic cons and editorial retreats. I’ve reinvested that clock in more creator-owned collaborations.”

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