Nova 2099’s story will continue in October in ‘Conquest 2099’

Spinning out of ‘Annihilation 2099,’ the new miniseries will feature Dracula 2099, Spider-Man 2099 and more.

Marvel introduced — or, actually, re-introduced; sorry, it’s complicated — Nova 2099 this past week in the pages of Annihilation 2099, another miniseries penned by Steve Orlando and set in Marvel’s futuristic cyberpunk universe. But this new character wasn’t so new — the first issue revealed that under the helmet, Nova 2099 is actually …

(I should add a SPOILERS WARNING and a jump here …)

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2099 goes cosmic this summer in ‘Annihilation 2099’

Steve Orlando and a host of artists will introduce 2099 versions of Nova, Starlord, Silver Surfer and more.

Writer Steve Orlando has slowly been expanding the scope of the 2099 universe over the past few years, introducing new characters and new takes on the alternate Marvel universe. This summer that scope expands to the cosmos in Annihilation 2099, a five-issue miniseries that will introduce some new, but familiar faces.

“2099 is back and it’s going cosmic!” Orlando said. “Annihilation 2099 has been the best kind of challenge—bringing even more cosmic into Marvel’s iconic cyberpunk line, and keeping it all fresh, provocative and surprising.”

Orlando will work with a different artist on each issue, including Ibraim Roberson, José Luis, Pete Woods, Ario Anindito and Dale Eaglesham. Nick Bradshaw supplies the cover to each issue, which will spotlight 2099 versions of everyone from Nova to Silver Surfer.

Here are more details from

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DC announces several new projects for September as ‘DC Connect’ goes to print

‘Deathstroke Inc.,’ ‘Titans United,’ ‘Black Manta’ and more arrive from DC in September.

DC Comics has announced that their monthly online preview magazine DC Connect will be available in print starting in September — and in doing so, revealed several new projects slated for that month as well.

As luck would have it, today is also the day DC released their September solicitations, so let’s break down some of these new announcements …

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