Nova 2099’s story will continue in October in ‘Conquest 2099’

Spinning out of ‘Annihilation 2099,’ the new miniseries will feature Dracula 2099, Spider-Man 2099 and more.

Marvel introduced — or, actually, re-introduced; sorry, it’s complicated — Nova 2099 this past week in the pages of Annihilation 2099, another miniseries penned by Steve Orlando and set in Marvel’s futuristic cyberpunk universe. But this new character wasn’t so new — the first issue revealed that under the helmet, Nova 2099 is actually …

(I should add a SPOILERS WARNING and a jump here …)

… Wolverine! Yes, in the future, Wolverine pops his claws while wielding the power of the Nova Corp.

“Since 2099 debuted, there was always the question of what heroes might live through from the current heroic age to the next,” Orlando told “With Annihilation, we had a great chance to dig into that question with one of Marvel’s most iconic mysterious loners. When we realized that the Nova of 2099 would be a lone stranger patrolling the cosmos, one with a heavy burden of duty and death on his shoulders, it quickly became clear that there was only one person who could fit into that helmet. Already, Logan has been routinely inspired by the Man with No Name and by Kuwabatake Sanjuro.”

Conquest 2099 will continue the story of Nova 2099 and all the other characters introduced in Annihilation 2099 (which continues weekly throughout July) as they unite with Spider-Man 2099, the X-Men 2099, the new Spider-Woman of 2099 and more to battle Dracula 2099:

The Impaler scorned! Dracula has conquered a world determined to quash him! Now, with an army at his back, he sets his sights on the new vampire homeworld: Domus Draconum! What he discovers will shatter his dark heart and set him on a collision course with Nova, Spider-Man, the X-Men 2099, the new Spider-Woman of 2099, and more!

Orlando will be joined by artists Ibraim Roberson and José Luís on Conquest 2099.

Annihilation 2099 was our chance to introduce some incredibly unique takes on classic Marvel characters, true in many ways to the core of the originals in theme and motive,” said Editor Mark Paniccia. “With Conquest 2099, these new heroes must battle the unparalleled strategy and experience of the classic Marvel Dracula, a proven leader, conqueror and monarch who now has an army of alien vampires at his command! The cosmos will never be the same!”

The first two issues of the five-issue Conquest 2099 will arrive in October, with covers by Leinil Francis Yu. As for WolverNova, his look was designed by Pete Woods:

Look for the first issue to arrive on Oct. 9.

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