‘Crash & Troy’ reaches its explosive conclusion in December [Exclusive Preview]

Check out an exclusive preview of ‘Crash & Troy’ #4 by writer Jarred Luján and artist Kyler Clodfelter.

A Wave Blue World’s classic sci-fi buddy miniseries comes to a close in December, as writer Jarred Luján and artist Kyler Clodfelter bring the banter-filled adventures of Crash & Troy to their climatic, explosive conclusion with issue #4.

The fourth and final issue finds the super-strong Crash and their handler Delphi in jail, with Troy 3.0 seemingly dead. But can you really kill a sentient software arts aficionado?

“Issue #4 is my favorite of the series,” Luján told Smash Pages. “Writing the action was a blast, especially because we finally got to unveil what Troy, in all his irreverence, is capable of doing as a mercenary in a way only Troy could think of. Best of all, it ties everything together so well and we cap it off with some of the funnest, most explosive moments yet—but there’s another layer here. I think folks are going to be surprised with how emotional this issue is and how intensely it lays out what Crash & Troy is all about.”

This issue also brings a scene that Clodfelter has been itching to draw for awhile.

“Drawing issue 4 was extremely liberating for me because I finally got to let loose and draw some imagery that I’ve had swirling in my head for years. Jarred and I have always worked really well together, but there’s this cool thing I wanted to happen in the story that Jarred was game for and it was probably my favorite scene to draw in the entire issue. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it surprisingly doesn’t even have anything to do with fists or that Jarred asked me to tell him what my favorite fight scenes of all time were. But I mean, those things should also inform you of what you’re in for!” Clodfelter said. “I think ultimately, we’re just thrilled that everyone has finally had a chance to read the book, and I hope people have had as much fun reading it as we did making it.”

Courtesy of A Wave Blue World, we’re pleased to present an exclusive preview of the fourth and final issue of Crash & Troy. Check out the cover, preview and solicitation text below:

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