‘Swords of the Swashbucklers’ sails again

Kickstarter for a new collection of Bill Mantlo and Jackson Guice’s classic Epic Comics series funds in under 24 hours.

Dynamite Entertainment is looking to bring Bill Mantlo and Jackson Guice’s Swords of the Swashbucklers back into print, and they’ve turned to Kickstarter to do it. And less than 24 hours into their campaign, they’re already 100 percent funded.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Swords of the Swashbucklers began life as a graphic novel from Marvel back in 1984, followed by a a series that ran for 12 issues under their Epic Comics banner. It’s about a teenage girl whose parents are kidnapped by an alien empire, so she joins up with a crew of space pirates to try and save them.

“I had the enormous pleasure of working with Bill Mantlo at the beginning of my own career — and I know from personal experience the vibrant infectious enthusiasm and joy Bill had for The Swords of the Swashbucklers, and the stories we told together,” Guice said in a statement. “This project is a wonderful way to honor Bill Mantlo’s creative legacy. I hope fans — both old and new — support this effort, and I for one very much look forward to seeing the swashbuckling crew of the Starshadow fly once more.”

Dynamite will publish Swords of the Swashbucklers as a full-color, fully remastered volume over 400 pages in length, containing the complete story from the graphic novel and all 12 issues. “Restored to print for the first time in over 25 years, the Swords of the Swashbucklers collection will preserve one of Bill Mantlo’s greatest creative achievements – for the first time in its entirety – in a high-quality, durable format for readers to enjoy throughout the years,” the campaign page reads. Depending on the level you donate, you can get a softcover, hardcover or one of several limited-edition versions for your shelf.

For more information, check out the campaign page.

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