New site, The Pushpin, offers prints by comic artists

Featured artists include Ryan North, Kate Beaton, Johnnie Christmas, Michael Cho, Jeff Lemire, Chip Zdarsky and more.

If your walls crave some comic art love, The Pushpin has your hookup. The new site is selling giclée prints featuring artwork by Kate Beaton, Johnnie Christmas, Michael Cho, Jeff Lemire, Sarah Lazarovic, Christian Northeast and many more. In addition, they’re selling Pushpin Originals, which are exclusive prints by Kagan McLeod, Ryan North and Chip Zdarsky — including Zdarsky’s humorous “Solar System” print.

“Science is more important than ever. And even more important than science, is letting people know how much you love science,” Zdarsky said about his Pushpin Original. ”So I wanted to create a poster that could convey to your houseguests that you’d be perfectly at home retweeting Neil deGrasse Tyson, or that you read National Geographic magazines as a kid. My highly informative information graphic on THE SOLAR SYSTEM™ does just that.”

Science teachers may have some issues with it:

Chip Zdarsky’s Solar System

The Pushpin is a project of Papergirl Press, a small printing company in Toronto run by former journalist Jessica Johnston. “Until a year ago, I was a newspaper editor, where I worked with freelancers to make a culture section. Now I’m working with artists to make a website. It feels similar in some ways, but my walls look way better now,” Johnston said in a press release. “The site is pretty much an even split between comic artists and editorial illustrators, which differentiates it from other art print sites. I love having the two side-by-side, since there is a lot of overlap between the disciplines. Comic work and illustration often also share a clever, playful sensibility, which is a big theme on The Pushpin.”

In addition to the artists featured on the site now, they plan to add prints by Bryan Lee O’Malley, Marguerite Sauvage and Gordon Wiebe in the future.

Prints currently available from the Pushpin range in price from $25 to $150. Here are a few samples of what you’ll find for sale:

Herc by Kagan McLeod
Sorry I Ate One by Sarah Lazarovic
Batman and Robin by Michael Cho
Awesome T-Rex by Ryan North
Chip Zdarsky’s Bat-Hero
“Reaching” by Johnnie Christmas
Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire

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