Comics Lowdown: Camera creeps and Comic Con copyright

Plus: Paco Roca’s Ngozi Ukazu, Mike Norton, a ‘Star Wars Adventures’ update, and the Webcomics Web Archive

Con Creep: Calgary Police are investigating a Twitter account for uploading videos and photos of women and girls without consent, featuring certain body parts in a sexualized way, and even going as far as taking upskirt shots. A Calgary mother is furious that one of the victims is her 14-year old daughter that cosplayed as Harley Quinn at this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. The person responsible took these images only of cosplayers at the Expo, but of women on the streets and in malls as well. Staff Sgt. Cory Dayley of the Calgary Police Service cyber crimes unit said that the images would be classed as voyeurism under the Canadian criminal code. The Twitter account, @CanadaCreep, has been suspended. Late Wednesday afternoon, Calgary police announced they arrested a 42-year-old man on charges relating to voyeurism and publishing voyeuristic images. Police are asking anyone with additional information to contact the at 403-266-1234, case number 17243516.

Cons in Court: The lawsuit between Comic-Con International and Salt Lake Comic Con will not be ending in a settlement this week, according to Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder Bryan Brandenburg. Comic-Con International, which runs the San Diego Comic-Con, sued the Salt Lake group in 2014 over the use of the term “comic con,” which it claims it owns. Both sides plan to ask the judge in the case for summary judgment in their favor. “We’re not interested in settling at all at this point,” said Brandenburg, chiefly because he is convinced the judge will side with him: “As far as we’re concerned, San Diego is right in the middle of Custer’s last stand,” he said.

Interviews and Profiles


Dreams and Memories: Spanish comics creator Paco Roca talks about lighthouses, dementia, and letting reality and fantasy share the same space. Roca’s graphic novels Wrinkles and The Lighthouse are available in English, and his work was also included in the Spanish Fever anthology.

In Transition: Mike Norton has wrapped up a number of projects in recent months and is working on a couple of new things; he talks to CBR about his guest stint on Astro City, bringing Battlepug from the web to a graphic novel, and his current political webcomic, Lil’ Donnie.

Podcastic: At the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast, Dan Berry talks to Ngozi Ukazu, creator of the webcomic Check Please.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Star Wars Adventures Debut: IDW has announced the first creative team and storyline for its Star Wars Adventures comics, which debut in September. Writer Cavan Scott and artist Derek Charm will be the team on the first two issues, which will tell stories about Rey’s youth on Jakku. Issue #1 is due out on September 6 and #2 on September 20.

Webcomics and Digital Comics

Bookmark This! The Webcomics Web Archive this week as part of its attempt to catalog and preserve digital-first works. The archive will launch with about 40 webcomics, including Zack Weiner’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Ally Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half, and Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona.

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