Gumby tackles fashion in this complete story by Kyle Baker

In advance of the first issue of ‘Gumby’ coming next week, Papercutz shares a story from that issue by one of comics’ greats.

NBM’s kid-friendly comics imprint Papercutz announced a new comic series starring everyone’s favorite bendable green guy, Gumby, earlier this year, and now in advance of its July 5 release they’ve shared a full story from the first issue by the wonderful Kyle Baker, who does not disappoint.

“I’m always delighted by how the character my father created has touched the hearts of so many people,” said Joe Clokey, son of Art Clokey, Gumby’s creator. “The emergence of Gumby centered fan conventions and the huge reception we’ve received at places like Comic-Con International show just how important Gumby is to so many people. We wanted to make sure we found a publishing partner who not only appreciated the property but also shared the approach and values that have made GUMBY such an enduring character. Papercutz shares our commitment to creating great stories. And they also have some of the biggest Gumby fans I’ve ever met on staff. That made them the ideal choice for a publishing partner.”

In addition to Baker, the first issue will include stories by Ray Fawkes and Jolyon Yates, Jeff Whitman and Jolyon Yates as well as a cover by Rick Geary. Upcoming issues will include contributions from Art Baltazar, Gregory Benton, Eric Esquivel, Veronica and Andy Fish, Sholly Fisch, Ryan Jampole and others. Each issue will feature a lead story and a five-page backup story by high-profile creators. Watch for a collection of the first three issues in November, but check out Baker’s story below.

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