Get an early look at Davis-Hunt’s cover to ‘The Wild Storm’ #7

Writer Warren Ellis shares the cover and some hints about the story coming up in the comic’s second arc.

On his “Orbital Operations” mailing list today, The Wild Storm writer Warren Ellis shared Jon Davis-Hunt’s cover to issue #7 “a little early.”

“I wanted to go a bit sideways on the covers for issues 7-12, and found myself shouting at Jon and Marie [Javins, the book’s editor] about 1970s science fiction paperback covers, and sending stuff by the likes of Peter Elson, Jim Burns and the holy goddamn Angus McKie. (Who was also a rather fine comics-maker.) And I got this back. Perfect,” Ellis wrote. “Issues 7-12 are going to be a little different, tonally, from the first six. If you liked the first six, you won’t hate the next six, but, having laid the groundwork for the book, I can now do larger, weirder set pieces without breaking anything.”

The Wild Storm #7 arrives Sept. 20.

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