‘Dark Matter’ becomes ‘New Age of DC Heroes,’ adds two titles

Dark Knights: Metal serves not only as a crossover event featuring some bad, bad Batmans, but also as the springboard for a new line of comics — a line featuring top talent who will have equity in the comics they’re creating.

Previously announced as “Dark Matter,” at the New York Comic Con DC Comics announced they’ve renamed this new publishing initiative as “New Age of DC Heroes.” They’ve also added two new titles to the mix, taking the line up to seven.

Here’s a look at the two new titles that join Sideways, The Terrifics, The Immortal Men, Damage and The Silencer.

The Unexpected by Steve Orlando and Ryan Sook

Per Newsarama, this is a mystery book featuring a group of enemies who hate each other, given the chance to right the wrongs in their lives.

The Curse of Brimstone by writer Justin Jordan and artist Philip Tan

Newsarama reports this one is a horror book, about a character from a coal town that watches it die, then takes a deal from a mysterious man to save the town by becoming his agent.

DC also revealed a whole bunch of Metal related art at the panel, which you can see below:

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