Seeley & Molnar’s ‘Imaginary Fiends’ is coming to get you this November

New six-issue Vertigo series features aliens, murder and the creepy ‘Polly Peachpit.’

Hack/Slash and Nightwing writer Tim Seeley returns to horror for a new miniseries from Vertigo, Imaginary Fiends, which pits a young woman against a “hungry spectral alien” parasite that made her try to kill her best friend. Seeley will be joined by Star Trek artist Steve Molnar on the title.

Imaginary Fiends is a return to horror for me … a chance to tell a story about a broken person and her monster friend,” Seeley said in a press release. “But Fiends is darker, scarier and more fanatical than anything I’ve ever done. Stephen Molnar is providing some amazing artwork, and his Polly Peachpit is one of the creepiest monsters I’ve ever seen. I’m proud to bring this book to Vertigo and work with my friend and editor Molly Mahan—who is, fortunately, as far as I know, not imaginary.”

Incarcerated for attempting to murder her best friend, Melba is preparing to transfer to federal prison when the FBI recruits her to help fight aliens that “stalk the minds of the weak and impressionable” — which is what caused Melba to commit her crime in the first place.

“It’s always exciting to have the opportunity to create a new book. Being able to work with Tim, Molly and the rest of the people at Vertigo makes it that much better. I hope our audience has as much fun reading our story as I do drawing it,” Molnar said.

The series kicks off in November.

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