Cosmo returns from Archie Comics

1950s humor title returns from writer Ian Flynn.

Along with the news last week that Mighty Crusaders will return and Betty & Veronica are joining a biker gang came another announcement from Archie Comics that slipped by me — the return of Cosmo, The Merry Martian.

If you don’t know who Cosmo is, well, that’s not surprising. It was a very short-lived humor/science fiction comic published in the late 1950s created by Bob White, who also worked on The Fly and a few other Archie properties. The new comic will be written by Ian Flynn, who is also spearheading the Crusaders revival.

Here’s what Cosmo used to look like:

“We’ve got some really fun and exciting adventure brewing for Cosmo and his crew!” said Flynn in the press release. “I’ve got high hopes that this will take off. You could say we’re…shooting for the stars?”

The new series will bring Cosmo and his friends (who you can see at the top of this post) into the present day, and will debut sometime in 2018.

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