Comics Lowdown: Jack Kirby special edition

A roundup of some of the Jack Kirby 100th birthday news this week!

Not only is it “Kirby Week” here on Smash Pages, but the entire comic industry has come together to honor and remember one of the industry’s greatest and most influential creators, Jack Kirby, for what would have been his 100th birthday. Here’s a round-up of links related to “The King.”

The first place to check is, which has an entire section dedicated to Jack Kirby. The colorful articles have been posted throughout the month of August, with reading lists, character features and articles by Jim Zub, Carlos Pacheco, Mark Waid and Mike Allred. Plus there are several videos about the life of Jack Kirby.

Creators & Interviews

In addition to the folks featured on, several other creators took to various websites to share their thoughts on Jack Kirby.

The Beatles of comics: J.M. DeMatteis wrote a short essay and mentioned how Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the Paul McCartney and John Lennon of comics.

Kirby & Image: Jim Valentino shares an untold story of Image Comics’ relationship with the Kirbys.

Knighted by the King: Beau Smith reflects on being mentored by the King and his wife, Roz Kirby.

Gone, gone, form of man … Glen David Gold wrote on DC Comics’ blog about what the Demon means to him.

Most important comics storyteller ever: Walt Simonson declared Kirby the “most important comics storyteller ever” in a video interview, which also featured Greg Goldstein and Scott Dunbier during this past July’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Still the King: Comics writer and historian Mark Evanier, who penned the book Kirby: King of Comics, was interviewed by Alex Dueben.

Retrospectives and Insights

Big Barda and Mister Miracle (Jack Kirby/DC Comics)

Big Barda and Mister Miracle: The romance of the star-crossed heroes is one of comic book’s greatest love stories and one of Jack Kirby’s best stories ever that makes him the king.

Did Jack Kirby almost do a “Valley Girl” comic strip with Frank Zappa? Comic Book Resources has fun looks at his legacy of characters in Jack Kirby’s coolest creations and the quirky 20 best Comic Book (urban) Legends about Jack Kirby.

Kirby everywhere: Jack Kirby’s influence went well beyond the confines of the comic book. From Star Wars to the CIA, you will be surprised with Kirby’s influence on pop-culture.

Social Justice Warrior and Nazi puncher: A detailed look at Jack Kirby during in World War II and how he gained fame for his iconic image of Captain America fighting Adolf Hitler. After the war, Kirby recognized he underrepresented people of colour and felt there needed to be more diversity in comics.

Mother Box Madness

2017 San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book

The Word Balloon podcast has recorded a special Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday edition. Scott Dunbier is featured as they discuss Kirby’s artwork with different inkers and Dunbier’s time with Jack and Roz.

The 2017 San-Diego Comic-Con International’s program guide had a special features section dedicated to Jack Kirby. CCI has made this section available for download.

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