Help ‘Midnight Tiger’ rise again via Kickstarter

Ray-Anthony Height, Vito Delsante, Éric Van Elslande and Action Lab Entertainment team up for the teenage superhero’s first ongoing series.

Ray-Anthony Height’s Midnight Tiger is looking to make a comeback at Action Lab Entertainment via an ongoing series, and the creator has recruited Stray writer Vito Delsante and artist Éric Van Elslande to help make it happen — and now they’ve turned to Kickstarter to ensure the young hero fights again.

Announced at last year’s Long Beach Comic-Con, Height and Delsante spoke with Smash Pages’ Corey Blake about the comic last September. Both had characters in Action Lab’s Actionverse crossover — Midnight Tiger and Stray, respectively — and Height said Delsante’s writing of Midnight Tiger impressed him:

It was over countless conversations with Vito, Jamal [Igle, creator of Molly Danger and Action Lab marketing director], and the Action Lab group during the creation of Actionverse where I first noticed Vito’s….let’s say knack…for writing Gavin, but Actionverse #0 was the indisputable proof. I told Vito that once I walked away from Midnight Tiger after Actionverse was done…he was the official steward of all Midnight Tiger related stories in Actionverse. Fast forward several months to Actionverse hitting the shelves and the buzz on Midnight Tiger had seriously grown! Especially now that the public knew that him, Stray, and Molly Danger reside in the same universe. It wasn’t long when Bryan Seaton made it abundantly clear how much he liked the character, saw its potential as an ongoing series, and wanted Midnight Tiger to remain on the shelves. We eventually struck a great deal, but now I needed to put together a new creative team to take over the scripting and interior art chores to make this ongoing happen. Scripting was pretty much a no-brainer. Vito gets Gavin and writes his dialogue as if I wrote it. It’s a bit uncanny, if you as me. Thankfully, he accepted.

Midnight Tiger is Gavin Shaw, a teenager who gains super powers and takes to the streets to fight crime:

Rewards for the Kickstarter range from a digital copy of the first issue for $10 to levels that offer print copies of the new series, shirts and signed comics featuring previous Midnight Tiger appearances. The creators are looking to raise $5,000 to bring the series to life.

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