‘The Brave and the Bold’ returns next year from Liam Sharp

Batman and Wonder Woman will team up to solve the mystery of a dead Irish god in a six-issue miniseries.

DC Comics will resurrect The Brave and the Bold next year starring Batman and Wonder Woman, in a six-issue series by Liam Sharp. The duo will team up to solve the mystery of who killed an Irish god.

“The fact that they’ve pegged it to ‘The Brave and the Bold’ makes so much sense. It’s thrilling,” Sharp told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs. “It kind of gave it even more gravitas and gave it a real reason for being. It just seemed like perfect timing. There’s an element of classicness to the whole concept as well. It just gives it more weight.”

The Brave and the Bold first debuted in 1955 as an adventure anthology, featuring characters like Robin Hood, the Silent Knight and the Viking Prince. Over the years it evolved to include superhero stories, and featured the first appearances of the original Suicide Squad, the Silver Age Hawkman, the Teen Titans and the Justice League. In the 1960s it became a Batman team-up title, due to the popularity of the Batman TV show. Its original run ended in the 1980s, and the title has been resurrected for a couple miniseries and an ongoing since then, in addition to being the name of an animated series starring Batman and various DC characters.

So including Batman makes sense from a historical perspective, while the writer/artist has a connection to Wonder Woman:

Sharp worked with writer Greg Rucka to relaunch Wonder Woman in 2016; both of them left the title after issue #25. The new miniseries is scheduled to launch in February.

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