‘Kick-Ass’ returns with new hero, new publisher

Writer Mark Millar teases something new involving Hit-Girl as well.

To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kick-Ass, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s Kick-Ass will return next year with a new character under the mask — Patience Lee, a black, female military veteran with kids. While previous volumes were published by Marvel’s Icon line, this one will find a home at Image Comics, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“When we sold Millarworld to Netflix, two properties weren’t part of the deal. Kingsman and Kick-Ass both had unique arrangements with Matthew Vaughn and it made sense for these to continue, so in the year or so where we were preparing the sale I came up with this great idea for a whole new take on Kick-Ass,” Millar told EW. “The entire story was all completely written in that year and it’s a monthly book, launching in February for the title’s 10th anniversary. It’s crazy to think that in the 10 years since it was created, Kick-Ass has spawned two Hollywood movies, video games, toys, key rings, PEZ dispensers and even an upcoming board game. So the idea of it lying dormant was just insane and to be honest it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing anything. I really love that world.”

Millar and Romita launched Kick-Ass back in 2008, introducing readers to Dave Lizewski, a “real world” teenager who wants to become a real-life superhero. He ends up teaming up with other costumed vigilantes like Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, a ruthless daughter/father team, and together they fight the mob. The comic spurred two movies directed by Vaughn, as well as additional comic book sequels and a Hit-Girl spinoff.

The first issue arrives next year on Valentine’s Day. Since the announcement, Millar has teased a couple more news items related to Kick-Ass on Twitter:

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