DC announces Bendis plans: Superman, new imprint, sampler comic

Bendis takes over all the Supermans as Jinxworld moves to DC and a “curated” imprint from the writer looms.

Former Marvel stalwart Brian Michael Bendis’ first work for DC will be on Action Comics #1000, but it won’t be his last opportunity to tug on Superman’s cape.

DC Comics has announced the writer’s plans at his new home, which includes a whole lot of Superman, the return of his Jinxworld books and a brand-new “curated” imprint. They’ll also release a 25-cent sampler, called DC Nation #0, spotlighting not only Bendis’ work but that of his fellow writers Tom King and Scott Snyder.

Following Action Comics #1000 in April will be a six-issue weekly miniseries, Man of Steel, which starts May 30. DC broke out the big guns for the book, bringing in artists Ivan Reis, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok to work with Bendis, with covers by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. According to the release, “this series will shake up the classic story of Krypton’s final days and Kal-El’s path to becoming an iconic hero, introducing a new villain that knows a terrifying secret behind the destruction of Superman’s homeworld.” DC Nation #0 will include a prelude to the story, by Bendis and artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Then in July, DC will relaunch Superman with a new #1, by Bendis and Reis. It’ll follow up on story elements introduced in Man of Steel. Later that month, Action Comics returns with issue #1001, by Bendis and Pat Gleason. That comic will “deliver stories that are more character-focused, introduce new characters (both heroes and villains) and spotlight more of Clark Kent and his role at the Daily Planet.”

If all this sounds similar to John Byrne’s move from Marvel to DC back in the mid-1980s, well, yes it does.

If you were wondering what would happen to titles like Scarlet and Powers after Bendis moved away from Marvel, wonder no more. DC says the Jinxworld line will continue, as titles from the library like Torso and Fire find a new home, and former Icon series like Powers and The United States of Murder Inc. will get new stories. Finally, following in the footsteps of the Young Animal and The Wild Storm publishing models, Bendis will oversee a “custom” imprint that will “feature some of Bendis’ all-time favorite characters in very unique and unusual situations, combined with new characters created specifically for this new imprint.”

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