ECCC: Two new Jinxworld titles coming from Bendis, Gaydos, Mack

‘Pearl’ and ‘Cover” due out later this year from the imprint, which now resides at DC Comics.

At Emerald City Comic Con today, writer Brian Michael Bendis announced two new creator-owned titles coming soon from his Jinxworld imprint, which recently moved to DC Comics.

“I’m BEYOND excited to announce these new titles at Emerald City Comic Con,” said Bendis in a press release. “The show has always stayed true to its comics roots and that makes it a perfect place to talk anything Jinxworld, especially new titles I’m working on with creators like Michael and David whom I value and respect so highly.”

Bendis will join with two artists he’s very familiar with on the new comics, titled Pearl and Cover.

Pearl, which he’s doing with his Jessica Jones/Alias collaborator Michael Gaydos, is “sweeping, epic romance is set against the violent backdrop of warring Yakuza factions in modern-day San Francisco.” The title character, a tattoo artist and assassin, falls for a member of a rival faction.

“We have a tattoo artist with a very special skin condition that will make the tattoos on her body very unique — and you’ll see in the very first issue what’s unique about her and the way she makes her tattoos and what her tattoos on her look and feel like,” Bendis told The Hollywood Reporter. “But it also tells the story of two people who are born in this situation that have grown up and find out they may be very different than the situation they were born in. I see this going on a lot lately, more than ever before, where people grow up and go “OK, I was born into this situation, but I really feel I might be a different kind of person,” and find a way. Or they build their own family or they make their own happiness, and that’s the story we are going to tell.”

The book will debut this summer.

For Cover, Bendis has teamed up with David Mack, who he’s worked with on Daredevil and he said is like “his brother.”

“David is like my brother,” Bendis told THR. “He literally stays at my house. We were working on a book we were going to do next year, but he came over and told me a story that happened to him, and I’m like ‘Well that’s our book.’ And that’s the book we are doing.”

Debuting this fall, Cover tells the story of what happens when the intelligence community recruits a very well-known comics creator to live a double life as a spy.

“Who has a better cover story than comic book artists and writers, who get to travel the world and no one is actually paying attention to what they’re doing?” Bendis told THR. “David and I have had a lot of travels over the last few years and we are going to have a lot of fun examining the world of espionage through the world of Comic-Con.”

And that’s not all … through March 7 you can download five free Jinxworld first issues at comiXology.

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