‘Black Widow’ returns in her own solo series next year

The Soska Sister team up with artist Flaviano to send the ‘officially dead’ Black Widow to Madripoor.

The Black Widow will return in her own solo series in January, courtesy of film directors/writers The Soska Sisters and artist Flaviano (Low Road West).

“This is actually a stand-alone adventure for Natasha that focuses on her doing what she does best,” Jen Soska told Bustle. “We’re taking Natasha to the baddest place on Earth in the Marvel-verse, Madripoor, where she’ll find the kind of villains that don’t deserve mercy. She’s back from the dead and she’s not happy about it. She’s looking to let off some steam in the most permanent of ways.”

The Twisted Twins, as the Soska Sisters are called, have written, directed, produced and starred in several movies, including American Mary, See No Evil 2, Dead Hooker in a Trunk and Vendetta. They hosted the horror game show Hellevator on GSN.

“There’s a trend with female characters in entertainment to make them softer, more gentle, have guilt over their actions, be remorseful,” Sylvia Soska said. “And I think it can be damaging to the more complex feelings of a character. This story gets into Nat’s roots, what kind of damage — and I mean real damage — a Black Widow can do and especially when she’s doing things on her own terms. Fans of Widow will be happy to see her be scarier than we’re used to.”

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