Inktober Spotlight: Colleen Coover’s hands and feet (really!)

The co-creator of ‘Bandette’ participates in Inktober in a unique way this year.

October is also known as Inktober in artist circles. During Inktober, artists from all over the world create a different ink drawing every day of the month. While the official Inktober site provides a list of “prompts” to help inspire artists, many of them choose their own themes.

With many comic artists once again participating this year — you can find a lot of them on Twitter or Tumblr using the #inktober hashtag, and we’ve been posting a bunch on our own Tumblr — we thought we’d spotlight a few of the fun ones we’ve seen so far.

Today’s spotlight is on Colleen Coover, creator of Banana Sunday, Small Favors and Bandette, with Paul Tobin.

Coover has taken a different approach to Inktober — she’s drawing hands and feet, all month long! She’s even shared a video of her process for one of the pieces, which you can check out below:

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