Comic creators share their #spidersona

Joe Quinones, Tony Moore, Dave Johnson and more share their interpretations of the popular meme that spun out of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.’

Since Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse hit theaters last month, fans of the film have been sharing their #spidersona on social media. These creations often imagine the artist as a Spider-character.

Many pros have gotten in on the fun as well; here’s a collection of a few we’ve noticed. You can check out more — many, many more! — on Twitter and Instagram.

“Colonel” Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame channels his nickname:

Skyheart creator Jake Parker shares his long-legged creation:

Stray‘s Sean Izaakse has two different designs (kind of a Superman Red and Superman Blue thing going on here):

Richard Pace brings us Rockabilly Spider-Man:

Jamie Jones presents “Long Legs”:

While Dave Johnson presents “Long Beard”:

Tim Daniel’s Silver Spider: “Because you’re never too old — for anything”:

Joe Quinones’ #spidersona is prepared for the cold:

George Kambadais’ creation is “just wearing alien tech stuff”:

Francesco Francavilla hits the ring, lucha libre style:

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