Comics Lowdown: C2E2 thief thwarted; Dawson on Somalia airstrikes

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Crime Does NOT Pay! Stephen Bowles of Remington, Indiana, learned that the hard way: He was nabbed for allegedly stealing $9,000 worth of comics at C2E2 this past weekend, after a vendor caught him on video. The vendor had set up a camera at his booth to keep an eye on sales, and when he noticed Bowles acting sketchy he reviewed the footage and observed the 51-year-old man apparently taking comics from several booths. The vendor called the cops and they arrested Bowles, who had some of the comics on him. Three vendors reported that comics had been stolen from them.

Suspected comics-napper

The Biz

Graphic Novel News: BOOM! Studios will publish The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs, the first graphic novel by Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist Celine Loup, this fall, according to the Publishers Weekly Rights Report. BOOM! says the suspense/horror story as “explores the very real fears associated with new motherhood.”

New Hires: Joe Illidge (formerly of Valiant, Lion Forge, Milestone Media, and DC) is now the editorial director of the comics publishers A New Blue Wave, and Lisa Yu (former director of retail relations at Aftershock Comics) has signed on as vp of sales and marketing. Get the deets at The Hollywood Reporter.

Promotions: Dark Horse has promoted Daniel Chabon to senior editor. Chabon is the editor on Black Hammer and its related series, as well as Beasts of Burden, Blackwood and American Gods, among others.

Comics on the Web

The U.S. government claims that there have been no civilian casualties due to their air strikes in Somalia, but Amnesty International has evidence to the contrary, and artist Mike Dawson has turned that into a comic, Zero Civilian Casualties.

Podcast Alert

Pete Chianca and Dave London stop in at the legendary Harvard Square comics shop Million Year Picnic to talk to Boston Kids Comics Fest organizers Jonathan Todd, Liza Halley, and Tony Davis on the latest episode of Strip Search.

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