DC’s Walmart-exclusive stories headed to comic shops

DC Comics announced at WonderCon that stories by Brian Michael Bendis, Tom King and others will be released in the direct market.

DC Comics answered a question at WonderCon that’s been in the minds of readers and retailers — will the stories they’ve released exclusively to Walmart ever be collected and available in comic shops?

The answer is yes, as DC announced at their publisher’s panel today that stories like Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington’s Batman: Universe will be collected and released in the direct market.

The three stories DC specifically called out on Twitter include Tom King and Andy Kubert’s Superman: Up in the Sky and Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin’s Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me, in addition to the previously mentioned Batman story by Bendis and Derington. Presumably other Walmart exclusives, like Tom Seeley’s Swamp Thing story, will eventually follow suit.

DC’s 80-Page Giant comics debuted in Walmart last July, featuring new stories and a plethora of reprint material in each issue. The line expanded from four to six titles earlier this year.

Update: DC Comics has released a press announcement with more details on the releases, which will run as six-issue miniseries and will kick off in July.

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