‘Superman: Year One’ preview showcases key moments on the Kent farm

As a matter of fact, we ARE in Kansas anymore for this preview of the Black Label project from Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.

DC Comics has released a preview and some additional details on Frank Miller and John Romta Jr.’s upcoming Superman: Year One project, which starts in June. Not only do they share some interior pages, but they also have a Q&A with the creative team.

“This is baby Kal-El’s odyssey from planet Krypton to planet Earth. From a strange little boy to Superman. It’s a hero’s journey wherein a boy discovers his powers and more importantly, his destiny,” Miller said. “It ties in with my Dark Knight Universe and Batman: Year One.”

Romita Jr. adds, “It’s a different take on the origin and the growing up of Superman. It’s really peeling away the layers of the character, aging from infant to young adult and then finally to adult. The periods of time that we are covering haven’t really been covered before, other than maybe some tiny vignettes, and this really investigates deeply each of these moments in his life. It applies the problems of being an alien in Kansas, amongst regular children, and how he has to deal with it. It’s a deep, deep examination of the growing up of a super-alien living on planet Earth.”

Check out the pages below:

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