Third ‘Spencer & Locke’ series in the works

“His partner was imaginary… but the reckoning is all real.”

David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr.’s ‘Spencer & Locke’ will return for a third series … sometime.

The duo and their publisher, Action Lab, have released a teaser image for a new series. No release date has been announced, but it does have a tagline: “His partner was imaginary… but the reckoning is all real.”

“Artist Jorge Santiago, Jr. and I have been so grateful for the incredible response Spencer & Locke has received from readers, retailers, and the press,” Pepose said in a statement. “We are excited to keep pushing our hard-boiled psychological thriller to the limit, as our pitch-black parody expands to include some of the greatest comic strips of all time. Forget what you think you know — Spencer & Locke 3 is going to blow your minds.”

The first series, released in 2017, introduced the gritty Calvin & Hobbes-meets-Sin City world inhabited by the two title characters — one of whom is imaginary. The second series took aim at other comic strips, most notably Beetle Bailey. It wrapped up in July. I take it from the orange cat on the wall in the teaser image that maybe Garfield is getting a gritty makeover … which should be pretty scary.

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