Look (and sound) great with Brosseau’s comic book sound effect artwork and shirts

Pat Brosseau brings the sounds of comics to your torso or your wall.

Certain sound effects have become iconic in comics, whether it’s the “Snikt!” of Wolverine’s claws are the “BOOM!” of a New Gods Boom Tube. Letter artist Pat Brosseau, who has created such sound effects for many a comic, is now selling shirts and other merchandise featuring some of these sounds in an online store.

While sound is obviously important in movies, TV and other media, sound effects play out in their own unique way in comics — becoming part of the panel, the page and thus the overall story. A silent Wolverine sneaking up on some ninjas doesn’t have to say anything about his intent when a simple “snikt” speaks volumes.

Check out some of Brosseau’s takes on these iconic sound effects below, and be sure to visit his shop to see all of them.

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