DC launches a Batman ‘prelude’ comic on Instagram

The story leads into ‘Batman’ #92, which arrives in June.

Batman made his Instagram debut this week in a comic that will serve as a “prelude” to Batman #92, which is set to land in stores on June 9.

“Hey! While on break, I cooked up a handful of prelude stories with Guillem March to give you a taste of Gotham while you’re waiting for Batman to return next month,” writer James Tynion IV said on Twitter. “They’ll be on DC’s Instagram, in their stories. The first of them is up now, featuring PUNCHLINE!”

You’ll need an Instagram account to access the first prelude, which can be found in the “Stories” section of their Instagram account.

The story does indeed feature Punchline, the Joker’s newest associate who will be causing waves for Batman and others in upcoming issues of the title. If you’d like to see her in action against Harley Quinn — a former Joker “associate” herself — check out this preview from Batman #93 that DC released today.

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