‘Second Coming’ returns in December with ‘Only Begotten Son’

Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk return for more stories about Jesus and his superhero roommate.

Ahoy Comics has announced a sequel to Second Coming subtitled “Only Begotten Son,” which will debut at the end of this year. Mark Russell, Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk and Andy Troy will return to tell the controversial — and also funny, touching and just plain awesome — story of Jesus and his roommate, the superhero Sunstar.

According to the solicitation text Ahoy shared, the new series will “turn back time to witness the interplanetary origin of Sunstar! Warning: portrays science denial, mass extinction and real estate sales!”

“The first six issues of Second Coming was really only the beginning of what we had in mind for this series,” said Russell in the Ahoy Comics newsletter. “There’s a lot more planned for these characters and a lot more to say about their failures and successes in healing the world.”

It’s always good news when you find out one of your favorite comics is returning, so I can’t wait for Dec. 16, when the first issue of the new series arrives.

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