DC FanDome: Reaction + news round-up

Although there weren’t any big comics announcements during the second day of DC FanDome, the company did reveal a few small tidbits.

This weekend DC presented the second round of their DC FanDome event, which featured pre-recorded virtual panels on their comics, movies, TV shows, video games and much more.

Although some viewers complained of technical issues when everything went online on Saturday morning, the event this time was much smoother and easier to absorb than the first day of the event, which took place back in August. For that one, everything was streamed on a continuous loop, which made it difficult to figure out when certain panels were going live — and if you didn’t have eight hours to dedicate to watching it, you were going to miss something.

This time around everything was posted on-demand style, so you could easily pick and choose what you wanted to see. If you just wanted to see the comics panels, you could pull those up and watch them without having to sit through a panel on the Flash TV show, for instance. Across five different channels, they had a LOT of content, and like before, it was only up for 24 hours. Which is a bummer — if you missed it, it’s gone, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. They could easily put at least some of it up on their YouTube channel.

If you did miss FanDome, here’s a round-up of some of the comic news that came out of the event.

Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Soundtrack

During the Dark Nights: Death Metal panel, which featured Marie Javins, Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV and many more discussing all things Death Metal, Snyder revealed that DC and Loma Vista Recordings are collaborating on a Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack. You might remember that the miniseries’ predecessor, Dark Nights: Metal, also had a soundtrack, so it’s only fair, right?

They also shared a teaser video for it, which was more of an animated video from the comic, featuring a score by Tyler Bates (John Wick) and”guitar FX” by Zakk Wylde. This one they did post on YouTube following the event:

While there’s not a release date yet for the soundtrack, we do know at least one song that will be on it — Broken Dreams, Inc. by Rise Against, which is featured in the video above. The single will be released this Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Rorschach will feature the Watchmen

Tom King and Jorge Fornés, the creative team for DC’s upcoming Rorschach comic, spoke to Damon Lindelof, showrunner of the HBO Watchmen TV show about the upcoming comic. Polygon has a thoroughly detailed report of the panel that you can check out, but one of the tidbits that was revealed during the panel was that the comic would indeed feature appearances by other members of the Watchmen. They even shared some of Fornés’ art:

One of the things King talked about during the panel was Rorschach’s orgins, and how the character is based on both the Question and Mr. A, both of whom were created by Steve Ditko. When asked if he thought Ditko would like the comic, King responded, “No, I think Steve would hate it.” Which would probably put him in the same club as Alan Moore.


I only saw this once while I was watching some of the panels, but this fun Teen Titans animation played as it transitioned from one panel to another. Let’s all go to the lobby … and have ourselves a snack.

DC Earth One is still alive

Jim Lee, a staple on many of the panels at DC FanDome, had a dedicated Q&A panel where he took questions in advance and answered them. One person asked about the fate of DC’s Earth One initiative and if any further books were in the works. Lee confirmed that a third Batman book is almost complete, and the line was still alive — it’s just not on a “super regular schedule.” You can read more about it in Newsarama’s write-up. Also of note, DC will release a box set of the first volumes of the Earth One GNs for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman next March.

The news isn’t so good for whatever DC’s 5G initiative was. I don’t think anything was ever actually officially announced about it — just leaks and rumors — but Lee confirmed that it is not going to happen. There are a few more details over on Newsarama.

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