DC FanDome begins today at 10 a.m. Pacific

The event will stream live on DcFanDome.com and other WB social channels.

DC FanDome, the streaming event featuring all things DC superheroes that debuted in 2020, returns today with more teasers, previews, celebrities and more. You can watch it starting at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Last year’s event was very successful for Warner Bros., as they rolled out DC movie trailers, tidbits on TV shows and games, and some comics news. It came at just the right time, as the COVID pandemic continued to keep people from attending events and conventions.

While last year’s event occurred across two different days, this year’s event is slimmed down in comparison, with a single day of content — but it should still have plenty to offer. DC has trickled out a few announcements leading up to the event, and I’m sure you can expect to here more about the next Batman/Fortnite crossover, the Milestone Initiative and maybe something called Aquamen. Plus, the Rock!

Where to watch DC FanDome

DC and Warner Bros. are offering several options for watching the livestream, with your English language options including:

You can find more information on other language options here.

In addition to watching the livestream, you can also play games, read free comics (including the first issue of Robins) and of course buy FanDome merchandise. There’s also a separate site for Kids DC FanDome, which is focused on more family-friendly content.

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