New Suicide Squad title by Thompson + Pansica launches in March

Peacemaker, Bolt and more will form a new Squad next year.

At its DC Future State panel at CCXP yesterday, DC Comics announced that writer Robbie Thompson and artist Eduardo Pansica will team up on a new Suicide Squad title that will launch in March. Pansica will be joined by inker Júlio Ferreira, and colorist Marcelo Maiolo.

Thompson is the writer of the DC Future State Suicide Squad miniseries, which will run in January-February as part of the big DC event. While the Future State title focuses on a future version of the team, the new title will be set in the current DC Universe.

The most recent Suicide Squad title, written by Tom Taylor, recently wrapped up with issue #11. Based on the promotional art, this version of the team will be completely different than the previous one and seems to be giving a prominent role to Peacemaker, who we know will play a big part in the upcoming Suicide Squad sequel. The character will not only be played by John Cena in the film, but will get his own spinoff series on HBO Max. Other members include Bolt, Shrike and Talon.

Learn more about DC Future State.

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