Swamp Thing blossoms again in March

Ram V and Mike Perkins, who will work on the character during Future State, will re-team for the new series.

Just in time for Spring, Writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins will harvest a new Swamp Thing title in March. They will be joined by colorist Mike Spicer and letterer Aditya Bidikar.

The seeds for the new title will be planted during DC’s Future State event, as V and Perkins will work on a story featuring the character’s future self during January-February.

DC’s Future State event will replace DC’s regular monthly titles for two months, showing “the unwritten worlds of DC’s future.” When DC’s normal line-up resumes in March, several new titles will debut as well, including not only Swamp Thing, but also Wonder Girl and Suicide Squad by some of the same creators working on Future State.

The new title was announced during the DC Future State panel yesterday at CCXP, a big comics convention held in Brazil. This year, the event is being held virtually.

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