A sunflower-farmer death cult and serial killers inhabit the world of ‘Vinyl’

The new Image Comics miniseries by Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyard and Dave Stewart debuts in June.

Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard, the creators of Plastic, are teaming up again on Vinyl, a new miniseries from Image Comics. They’ll be joined by colorist Dave Stewart for a comic about serial killers, death cults and friendship.

“This is all Daniel Hillyard’s fault,” said Wagner. “He asked if I thought we could create a story about serial killers, inhuman monsters and a cult of sunflower farmers all trapped together inside an underground bunker. I mean, you have to do that, right?”

Here’s how Image describes the series: When Walter’s best friend, the FBI agent charged with his capture, is kidnapped by a death cult of all-female sunflower farmers, Walter finds himself deep within an underground labyrinth filled with secrets and monsters…but are their monsters more horrific than his?

“If you liked Plastic, then brace yourself,” Hillyard said. “Vinyl is the sickest, most messed up, beautiful thing Doug and I have worked on to date. I’m biased, of course, but what can I say. I love our gore-baby.”

You can check out an alternate cover for the first issue and few preview pages below.

The series debuts in June.

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