AHOY announces ‘Black’s Myth’ by Palicki + Cavalcanti

The five-issue miniseries about L.A.’s supernatural underground debuts in July.

After writer Eric Palicki teased it on Twitter earlier this year, AHOY Comics has formally announced Black’s Myth, a black-and-white “punk rock horror story” by the writer of Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists and No Angel, and BlackAcre artist Wendell Cavalcanti. Sarah Litt will edit it.

“Like all the best punk rock narratives, Black’s Myth is about outcasts finding each other and accepting their place in the world,” Palicki said. “In its own subtle way, it’s about being part of the comics community.”

cover by Liana Kangas

The story will follow L.A.-based private investigator Janie Jones “Strummer” Mercado, whose nickname is shared with a certain member of the legendary band The Clash. She’s also a werewolf. She and her djinn assistant get “the case of a lifetime” as they explore the “supernatural underground” of Los Angeles.

“Working with the team has been great,” Cavalcanti said. “I’m given a lot of room to create the world of Black’s Myth, and the input I receive from Eric and Sarah perfects it. We all work really well together to make a unique book.”

Liana Kangas will provide the covers, with Jamal Igle providing a variant for the first issue:

The first issue of five arrives in July.

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