DC reveals the final four in their ‘Round Robin’ brackets

The fans have spoken.

Earlier this month DC kicked off their 2020 Round Robin competition, pitting 16 comic book pitches against each other, March Madness style, and letting fans vote on the one they wanted to see become a real comic.

For round one, they revealed the pitch, but refrained from identifying the creative teams until voting for that round closed. Fans went into round two knowing who would be working on each entry, and here’s how the voting landed:

Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire by Sina Grace and V. Ken Marion beat out the Zatanna pitch by the Soska Sisters and Vanesa Del Ray. Robins, which received the most votes of any entry in round one, beat out the Lobo/Animal Man crossover by Heath Corson and Scott Hepburn, after beating out the very popular JLQ idea in the previous round. Robins is by Tim Seeley and Baldamar Rivas, and if I were a betting man, it’s the one I’d be putting my money on.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, meanwhile, beat out Jesse Quick: Control. The former, by Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez, features Jaime Reyes, while the latter was by Stephanie Phillips and David LaFuente. And Rex Ogle and Diogenes Neves’s Suicide Squad Seven moves on to the next round at the expense of Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and Vasco Georgiev’s Superman and Lois: Ignition.

You can find more details on the DC Universe Infinite community boards.

Now, like myself, you may be wondering how things ended up the way they did. If you were only following the results on Twitter, you’re probably scratching your head as to how Green Lanterns beat Zatanna, who had a pretty big lead on that platform. Keep in mind that voting took place across multiple platforms, and the results were pretty different on each of them in some of the races (as was the participation). I’m sure there’s something to be said about that, some insights that can be gained about Instagram favoring Green Lantern while Twitter favored Zatanna, but I’ll leave that for another pundit. Instead I’ll just light a candle and hope that one day we get to see Ryan North’s Paws off the Justice League in some form or fashion.

The next round of voting begins May 5. Here’s a look at some of the preview art DC shared for the final four:

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