Sunday Comics | Rainbow Batman, Conan without Conan and more

Check out free comics on the web and social media by Ben Templesmith, Kerry Callen, Casey Nowak and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

MAD Magazine contributor Kerry Callen shares his latest Super Antics comic strip, where he mines some of DC’s Silver Age stories for fun. As you’ll see at the top of this post, it features the infamous Rainbow Batman costume:

Don’t forget to check out Callen on Twitter and visit his Teepublic shop for some cool T-shirt designs.

Artist Ben Templesmith has started a new webcomic on his Instagram called Urnakk Black Blood. He says the new strip “will be me having fun with Conan, just without Conan.” You can view more from Templesmith on his Patreon as well.

Happy comic-iversary to Steenz, who has worked on the comic strip Heart of the City for a year now. As always, you can check out the strip here, and if you missed it last July, our own Alex Dueben spoke to Steenz about the strip here.

Troy-Jeffrey Allen, Sean Mack, Luis Guerrero and AndWorld Design created this webcomic tribute to MF DOOM, who passed away last year. Released on 4/20, it includes a few guest stars you might recognize.

The very talented and award-winning creator of Top Shelf’s Girl Town, Casey Nowak, launched a science fiction comic strip called Bravo in February and has been posting new chapters on Twitter weekly. You can read them all here. Nowak’s other work can be found on Patreon and Gumroad.

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